A downloadable tool for Windows

This tool is meant to help today's modern dungeon master (i.e. one who brings a laptop to the game) by providing an infinite amount procedurally generated maps. The maps are based on three (as-of-now) PGC algorithms.

This app started out as an exercise in the summer. I needed to learn VB.Net for a job interview. When I caught wind of ProcJam, I decided to blow the dust off the code, add some map variety and submit an early-access version.

Post-jam, the next steps are to implement the tome metaphor in the application, address some performance issues in the draw code, and bring the tool to the mobile/tablet audience.


Install instructions

This Windows WPF application requires the .NET 4.0 Client Profile installed on the client machine.

Other instructions:

Download and double-click the executable to start generating maps!


RandomMapGenerator.exe 41 kB